The Importance of Controlling Temperature and Humidity in your Server Room

Have you ever taken into consideration the temperature of your server room? You may be astonished at the amount of heat a room full of computers and servers can generate, especially in the summer! And most of this sensitive equipment has a maximum temperature at which it can operate at maximum efficiency. Because of this, it is important to control both the temperature and humidity of your server room.

The Importance of Controlling Temperature and Humidity in your Server Room

  • Efficiency: Servers can run much faster if the temperature and humidity levels are kept at the optimal level. When servers are subjected to temperatures above their threshold, their efficiency is reduces. In certain situations, thermal shutdowns may take place.
  • Cost: Keeping the server room at an optimal temperature will keep the overall cost of operating much lower, while also reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The Solution: Server Room Air Conditioning from Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning!

Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning has over 38 years in commercial construction experience and is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of workmanship available in our industry. Our staff specializes in design and build as well as plan & spec. Our goal is to provide clients with complete solutions tailored to their individual project requirements.

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