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Energy Savings Tips

Are you interested in reducing your energy consumption by as much as 40%?

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  • Heating & Air Conditioning is the single biggest energy use in homes. A well-maintained heating & air conditioning system will hold down fuel costs and provide reliable comfort. Check the filters in your system monthly and replace or clean them when they become dirty. Have your heating & air conditioning system checked periodically by a licensed professional.
  • Proper insulation in walls, ceilings and floors also significantly reduces the loss of heat and cooling to the outdoors. Insulation will pay for itself in fuel cost savings and home comfort.
  • Storm windows and doors are big energy and money savers. They can reduce heating & cooling costs by as much as 15% by preventing air from escaping to the outside. Double glazed and thermopane windows or even clear plastic across windows can minimize heat & cooling escape.
  • The many small openings in a home can add up to big heating and cooling losses. Caulking and weather-stripping cracks in walls and floors, windows and doors will save fuel and money. Keeping the fireplace damper closed tightly when not in use will also result in heating & cooling cost savings.
  • In the winter, letting sunlight in by opening curtains blinds and shades over windows facing the sun helps keep your home warm and reduces heating needs. At night or when the sky is overcast, keeping drapes and curtains closed will help keep the warmth indoors.
  • Dry air makes you feel colder than moist air at the same temperature. Maintaining home humidity will produce personal comfort at a lower thermostat setting and save money. Shallow pans of water near radiatorps or near warm air vents, a room humidifier, or a whole house humidifier will help raise humidity levels.
  • Keeping your heating & cooling thermostat at the lowest temperature comfortable for you will save on heating & cooling costs.
  • Insulate heating hot air ducts and hot water pipes that provide heat to the rooms in your home. This will reduce heat loss in areas that are not insulated and will help your heating system work more efficiently.

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