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Server Room Air Conditioning: Do you know the Benefits?

Dedicated server rooms present specific challenges for building managers, especially when it comes to air conditioning. In fact, the air conditioner is probably second most important piece of equipment in any server room, next to the servers themselves.
Benefits of Server Room Air Conditioning

  • Cooling: First and foremost, the servers placed in these dedicated rooms often run nonstop. Because of this, these servers generate a ton of heat and must be kept cool. If the heat in the room becomes too intense, this can cause problems for the servers, such as slow performance or even costly breakdowns. This is where the air conditioner comes into play. By keeping the air in the server room cool, breakdowns and other maintenance issues are less likely to occur.
  • Humidity: In order to function properly, the equipment in the server room must also be kept at a humidity of less than 55%. The server room air conditioner will not only keep the temperature at a reasonable level, but it will also help control humidity.
  • Costs: Keeping the server room at an optimal temperature will reduce maintenance and repair costs while also keeping the overall cost of operating much lower. Servers can run much faster if the temperature and humidity levels are kept at the optimal level.

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