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The Latest Technologies in Heating & Cooling May Help Sell Your Home

In Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas, we are finding more and more homes up for sale. The homes that sell fastest are the homes that have weatherization options in place, to create a comfortable living space while reducing the high costs of energy usage.

Newer items have been added to the HVAC industry to bring our systems into the future of technology. Technicians in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas, are using a new ultraviolet germicidal light system inside the air duct piping to sterilize the air as it flows through the air ducts and is circulated throughout the home in order to create a cleaner, healthier air supply. The UV air sterilizing unit keeps the coils clean, killing off the bacteria and mold that may exist on the condenser coils. This reduces the pathogens that can become airborne and travel through the duct system into the living space throughout the home. Allergy sufferers have noticed some great results from the overnight use of this new technology. Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning is an air conditioning and heating repair and installation expert in Baltimore, MD and can give you details on how this new device operates and works in coordination with your HVAC system.

The latest technology in the HVAC system defines new terms for cleaner indoor air. A system that is properly installed by an expert in the air conditioning repair and installation industry will kill off airborne germs, ventilate and circulate the stale indoor air. Within the small walls of the system’s casing, we can now control our environment better than ever, thanks to the new technology and features of HVAC systems. Contact the specialists at Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning to find out more about the new technology available to keep your home comfortable.

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